Thursday, 7 April 2011

Story Maker

Japanese creative writing tool. Allows the creation of characters and sharing etc.


Make Your Own Story from New Avatar App! Make Creative Story!

You can make your own Avatars from over 200 FREE Items, offering millions of combinations.
Avatars for Only Sharing? It's old story!
Your Avatars will be printed as Paper Craft.
Your Avatars will act as Characters in your Story.

Make Avatar! Make your Story! You will be an Author!

We provide Basic Pack for FREE, and also have 3 Little Pigs Pack and Cinderella pack.
We will add new fantastic packs continuously

## Features
- Make Avatar
- Make Story (Include Avatars, backgrounds and other accessories)
- Basic Pack is Free. 3 Little Pig Pack and Cinderella Pack also Available
- Print Avatars as Paper Craft (Air Print)
- Print Story as Picture Book (Air Print)

Math Skill

Math Skills makes learning math fun! A huge variety of questions keeps this app fresh, long after the first use.

Math Skills supports a range of age levels: from young children who need simple arithmetic drills, to middle school, to preparation for SAT, ACT, or AP tests. Math Skills is especially useful to prepare for math tests or competitions.

Math Skills includes dozens of important formulas, algorithms, and methods, so if you can't solve a problem, Math Skills will show you how. Topics include arithmetic, geometry, trigonometry, probability, algebra, and brainteasers.

Teamviewer 6

There's a lot of competition in the remote control software market and for personal use our money has been on the free, browser-based LogMeIn for quite some time now. But with the new version of TeamViewer, that's set to change.

Fundamentally, TeamViewer's appeal is much the same as that of LogMeIn: it's completely free for personal use, and you can remote control as many PCs as you like. With tweaks to speed in the new version, performance is comparable between the two, and both are pretty much platform agnostic, allowing you to control Linux, Windows and Mac computers.

The key advantage TeamViewer holds over LogMeIn, however, is its flexibility. First off, you don't have to set up an account at all to get going with TeamViewer - just install the software on each machine, give them passwords, and all you need do to connect is type in the generated unique identifying number at the other end. Alternatively, for one-shot support jobs, a non-installing executable can be downloaded.

Creating an account and registering PCs to it, however, makes managing multiple machines easier, and also opens up the ability to use the browser-based interface for machines on which you don't want to install the software permanently.

Once you're in, it looks even more impressive. The toolbar along the top of the remote control window offers not only the usual scaling and image quality options, but also a quick file transfer window, video, VoIP and instant messaging tools, the ability to set up conferencing calls between multiple machines, and even establish a VPN connection for transferring files via Windows Explorer.