Monday, 24 January 2011


Sharing, note taking and free drawing as well as post-it linking. You can then collaborate with other iPads and share plans and on screen work through Bluetooth and network.

Program Functionality: B- Allows up to four people to collaborate (somewhat) on a brainstorming diagram or group thinking process. Once the diagram or brainstorming has been completed, the diagram can easily be emailed to all participants. Must have an iPad for the iPods to be used. (ie. Teacher on iPad, students on iPods) As students type on the iPods, they just flick their finger and their ideas will be flipped over to the iPad. See YouTube demo:

Classroom Use Examples/Ideas: Need to be on the same local wifi, but can be used via Bluetooth if you turn off wifi on all devices. Students could collaborate on a diagram add text, note-taking. Could be used in small groups: teacher writes something and students add to it on iPod Touches and flip it over to the teacher. The need for an iPad is a bit of a drawback. YouTube demo of use with multiple devices:

iTunes Link:

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